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We believe antiques and fine collectibles have value beyond their original purpose or intended function. Not only expensive pieces, but also everyday items were once crafted with care and artistry. Their makers were proud of their creations and wanted them to be beautiful as well as useful. Even today, decades or centuries later, quality antiques and collectibles often stand up to age and use better than our modern, mass-produced housewares.

We are proud to be able to share our story with you on this site, and to display some of the finest items from our three stores. We invite you to look around, and to visit our stores in person the next time you’re in the North Central Georgia area.

New Store Openings

We’ve recently opened two new stores in Downtown Madison. Jacks & Kings is a consignment store for men. Furnish your man cave, update your wardrobe, or find some new toys! And you don't have to be a man to come in. (Ladies, this is a great place to find your man the perfect gift!) The Junque Korner is our take on the flea market. Located across from Town Park, you'll find a variety of merchandise from kitchy to glamourous.

Goodbye, Eatonton

After an incredible run of over 3 years, we’ve decided to close the Eatonton location. The distance for us and our employees was the main reason, and with our new stores just opened in Madison we feel like we need to concentrate on making them successful. Bob Nash, who has been a dealer at J&K Fleas An’Tiques in Madison for several months, took over the Eatonton store. Angela still works there a couple days a month, so we’re not disappearing completely. We wish Bob all the best!

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We have Facebook pages for several of our stores. We post pictures of new merchandise and keep you up-to-date with what's going on at the stores. Visit and Like them all!

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